Advantages of this product to the consumer:
• More clean (smooth water flow).
• More durable (concrete steel boned).
• No corrosion / stagnant water (no breeding aedes).
• Installation is simple, fast, neat, lower cost of installation and maintenance as well as environmentally friendly.
• Profitable parties such as the Local Authority (LA), JKR, JPS, developers and contractors.
• Provide comfort and well-being of the users concerned with the health and hygiene.
• Developed with professional advice from experts and staff of SIRIM Berhad.
• This product has also been registered with the "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CORPORATION MALAYSIA". Registration No.: PI 20064335
• Special made - mould / casting can be brought to the construction site (mobile).


Installation Method - Old vs CG:

Traditional (Old)

1. Soil Dredging 2. Add stones & cements
3. Putting layer 4. Tie stone walls left and right
5. Feeding the left and right side glaze 6. Rough plaster walls and slippery



Concrete Glaze (CG) - New


1. Land Dredging Work


2. Aligned CG Drainage and Landfill & Right (Done!)